Compassion: Our First Instinct

There is considerable emerging evidence to suggest that the universe is a unified living process rather than a collection of separate objects, and, although things and beings can still be part of a unified whole while possessing their own unique qualities, our tendency to fragment our world and to see ourselves as separate from the universe, from the earth, and from other human and non-human beings is responsible for many problems in science and society, and ultimately is responsible for our neither being at peace as a species nor as a society.  

When one looks at the profound interconnectedness of all life on this planet including all human and nonhuman beings, as well as the earth itself (another life form), it becomes clear that compassion for all life is not a luxury for humanity but rather a necessity.  

Ultimately, the survival not only of other species on this planet, but also of our own, will depend upon humanity’s ability to recognize the oneness of all that exists, and the importance and deeper significance of compassion for all life.